6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable tool to generate business, but the benefits of doing so extend well beyond just selling products. Given the opportunity, social media marketing can help you cultivate relationships with your customers in a way that old-school advertising never could. Here are six benefits that you can reap by doing business on social media:

1. Greater Understanding and Reach

Tim Reynaldo runs the marketing for this pharmaceutical roller compaction company and also for Bodytech Total Fitness and notes “Social media marketing can help you find what people want from your brand and then deliver it to them. It can also help you find people interested in your offer. This is known as segmentation. The process of finding out who your target audience is and making sure that your business meets their needs is called segmentation. By using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, you can access more information at the click of a button.”

2. It’s Guaranteed Reach

Mark Toomey runs the social media marketing for numerous companies including Witkowski Dental and also for Total Paving and says “Social media marketing will also help you reach a wider audience. If social media is used correctly, there is no limitation to how many people you can reach with your message. You’ll be able to spread the word about your products and services in ways that were never possible in the past. Social media is a great way to extend your reach beyond the boundaries of your local market and into the global market.”

3. Streamlined Communication

Jack Peroni runs the websites for various online companies like True Medspa Center and also Elderwerks and says “Social media also saves you time in your marketing efforts because it allows for streamlined communication with your customers. This is especially important when communicating a sense of urgency about a product or service on sale or other special promotion. If, for instance, the upcoming holiday might negatively affect your business, it is very beneficial to let your customers know about the problem before they even realize there is one.”

4. Allows for Greater Humanization of Brands

Social media has changed the way that businesses develop relationships with their customers. It’s no longer enough to post advertisements and hope your brand name will stick in consumers’ minds. Using social media, brands can interact directly with potential customers and respond to consumer complaints and queries that make them feel like they are being taken care of by real people, not a big corporation.

5. Faster Development and Delivery of Products

Because social media has taken off so rapidly and become such an integral part of most people’s lives, it has created an excellent avenue for businesses to reach their customers through advertisements. Social media helps you better understand the needs of your market and use that knowledge to develop a more in-demand product. Your company can also use social media to receive feedback on existing products and make adjustments if necessary, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

6. Better Customer Loyalty

Social media marketing allows you to enhance your brand’s reputation and makes it easier for your customers to stick with you. It increases brand awareness and creates trust that may not have been possible in the past. People familiar with you will be likelier to remember you, which can help them develop loyalty to your product or service.


The power of social media is increasing all the time, making it easier for businesses to reach out to their customers and interact with them. It can be used in several ways, and businesses that adapt to the changing landscape will reap many benefits in the process.